Category: Logic

  • The Positive Side of Groupthink

    When I think about the places I go for information, the people I seek out for conversation, the blogs I frequent, I realize that most of them are places where I find myself saying \”yes, how true\” much more often than \”no, you got it wrong\”. Hopefully now and then I find myself saying \”interesting!…

  • Obama’s magic math – can I use that at home?

    Today President Obama announced a new plan \”for America\’s energy security, including increased responsible domestic production and winning the future through a clean energy economy.\” I find it puzzling that Obama can claim to be fighting high oil prices by supporting several approaches that all work to increase costs. Obama proposes: 1. More domestic drilling…

  • I Am Right, If You Disagree with Me You Are Evil

    I am a moral, conscientious person. I believe that in supporting X I am making the world a better place. You believe in Y. X and Y appear to be on the opposite side of the argument. Since you do not support X you must be evil. This approach has framed too many debates, it…

  • Faulty Logic



    A chronicle of fun (or perhaps irritating) examples of faulty or twisted logic.