Quote of the day – Mistrust the Government

Andrew Napolitano succinctly describes why it is imperative that we should mistrust the government and provides a nice list of the freedoms that we all yearn for:

Why We Should Mistrust the Government by Andrew P. Napolitano
The reason Obama likes government and the reason it is \”a dangerous fire,\” as George Washington warned, and the reason I have been warning against government tyranny in my public work is all the same: The government rejects the natural law because it is an obstacle to its control over us. The natural law is divinely embedded in our souls. It is manifested by the universal yearning for freedom and justice. It consists of areas of human behavior – thought, expression, religion, self-defense, travel, acquisition and use of property, privacy, for example – in which our behavior is subject only to the exercise of our free will and not the permission of our neighbors or regulation by the government. The natural law, properly understood, is a restraint on the government.

The full article is well worth reading: http://lewrockwell.com/napolitano/napolitano100.html


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