Why SmithHayek?

This is my first post after a fresh install of my blog on my new site – SmithHayek.com.

Why SmithHayek? It is named after Adam Smith and Friedrich A Hayek, two of the most famous and influential economists of all time. I admire the way they think, the way they examine the world around us and draw conclusions about the way things operate. I named the site to pay tribute to them and to telegraph that many of my posts will deal with economics, how the world operates from an economic perspective, and how trade has been a crucial factor in our evolution from the moment we differentiated ourselves from the other great apes.


3 responses to “Why SmithHayek?”

  1. I am gratified to see that you got it up and running! I see you moved the blog from your other site!
    Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks!

  3. […] Please check there for my latest blogs. My explanation for the choice of site name is here. […]

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